Marvel royalty assembles for Avengers 10 Year MCU Anniversary class photo

Happy Birthday, Marvel Studios! Congratulations on reaching double digits!

The studio that brought you heroes the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Valkyrie, and the Hulk to the big screen are just now kicking off a yearlong 10th anniversary celebration with a gathering of Hollywood royalty second only to a big time annual awards show!

A total of 79 actors and filmmakers from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe are featured in the epic photo, making the image a who's who among superheroes, villains, and visionaries. If you're wondering what it felt like to be there in person, THOR actor Chris Hemsworth equated the experience to "being at the Academy Awards with every person who'd been in one or all of my favorite films."

You can check out a quick behind-the-scenes video of the momentous occassion below:

The studio also tweeted about the event via the official Marvel Studio Twitter account:

Wow! I wish that any of my class photos were that cool. Thinking back, it feels like I went to school with rejected members of the Mystery Men as opposed to anyone cool enough to be an Avenger.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will star damn-near every character in the MCU, as well as their kitchen sinks. You can catch the action of what is sure to be the biggest comic book-related event film in MCU history in theaters everywhere on May 4th.

Extra Tidbit: I unabashedly love the movie MYSTERY MEN. I make no apologies for this.
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