Marvel's Spider-Man swings past record for fastest-selling PS4 game

Oh, how good it is to be a Spider-Man fan nowadays. Thanks to a wildly successful new run in the movies the character is more popular than he’s been in years, meaning his new video game focused on the iconic superhero was destined to be a hit. Predicting it was going to be a hit was underselling it, actually, and now we’ve learned the game has now broken the record for the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive, selling 3.3 million copies in the first three days.

The game from Insomniac Games surpassed the record held by the PS4 exclusive GOD OF WAR, which broke the record earlier this year by selling 3.1 million copies, breaking the record set by UNCHARTED 4 (2.7 million copies) in 2016. Fantastic reviews and tons of publicity helped propel sales of the game, which allows players to take on the role of Peter Parker and swing above the streets of New York like never before, playing through an original story featuring villains like Mr. Negative, Vulture, Electro and more.  If we determine the math, 3.3 million copies at $60 a pop comes to about $198 million for the opening weekend, which gives Spidey his most spectacular opening yet.

Stephen Turvey, PlayStation’s global senior vice president of sales and head of North America business operations, spoke to USA Today, saying, “Our expectations are always set at the highest levels. It’s met and exceeded all expectations. I think the company and the campus and our fans are super proud of it.”

The game is only two weeks old, and even though some people have probably reached 100% completion already there’s still a lot more on the way. Next month the first DLC, “The Heist,” is on the way, and will feature the character Black Cat as she shows back up in Spidey’s life.

People, like myself, were itching for a new, great Spidey game after his last appearance (the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 tie-in game, which was about as good as the movie itself), and we got it with this game. Even though the game does get repetitive in spots it doesn’t really matter when its best bits are shining through. Never has a Spidey game captured what it means to be both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, which means relationship and financial foes, the thanklessness, etc. Wrap that up in a fun open-world game with tons of customizable costumes from the character’s history and you got a game people will be playing for ages. Well, at least until the sequel comes out.

Go buy "Marvel's Spider-Man" at a store near you. 

Source: VarietySony



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