Marvel & Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy game now has a far-out trailer

Earlier this month, we brought you a first-look at the cast of Marvel & Telltale's upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY video game cast. Obviously, the game will feature an all-new adventure starring the Marvel universe's most popular A-holes: Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot as they discover an artifact of unspeakable power. As well and good as that information was, we've got something even better for you today - a full-blown trailer featuring your favorite intergalactic screwballs in all of their pixelated glory!

As we've mentioned in the past, the series will feature a star-studded cast of voice talent, including Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series) as Star-Lord, Emily O'Brien (The Young and the Restless, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor) as Gamora, Nolan North (the Uncharted series, Pretty Little Liars) as Rocket, Brandon Paul Eells (Watch Dogs) as Drax, and Adam Harrington (The Wolf Among Us, League of Legends) as Groot. Personally, I'm still not sold on the idea of picking up another Telltale title until I've heard that several of the long-standing bugs that plague their library of games have been fixed and that some true innovation has been added to make this a stand-out title for the famed story-driven game company.

The first episode of Telltale and Marvel's five-part adventure will be available to download as of April 18, 2017 on consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

Extra Tidbit: I still say that Telltales best game is Tales From the Borderlands.
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