Marvel's Ant-Man gets an official release date! Plus, 3D updates!

Marvel's much-discussed-but-never-nailed-down ANT-MAN film, slated to be directed by Edgar Wright (HOT FUZZ, SHAUN OF THE DEAD) has finally gotten an official release date; November 6th, 2015. 

Theoretically, this would make ANT-MAN the first film of Marvel's Phase 3, as the sequel to THE AVENGERS is set to hit on May 1, 2015, which is the culmination of phase two.  No official word on that, but if you're doing the math...

No further details were revealed, but I'm sure details will start to slowly roll in now that the film has been given a spot on the roster.  I'm more excited that Wright is directing more than anything, so the casting won't make a huge difference to me, although I'm sure I can count on a bevy of votes for Nathan Fillion to fill the strikeback...

In addition, Disney has confirmed that both THOR: THE DARK WORLD and IRON MAN 3 will both be released in 3D (as well as 2D, of course).

So, there you have it.  Marvel's ANT-MAN will be released on November 6, 2015.  Update those calendars!

Extra Tidbit: BESIDES Nathan Fillion, who would you like to see as Ant-Man?
Source: The Daily Blam



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