Spoiler: Marvel's Star Wars comic adds a new character to the official canon

Last year, we learned that the Expanded Universe of STAR WARS would be rebranded as non-canon. Anything new produced by Disney and Lucasfilm would make up the official canon alongside the feature films and animated series. That means the Marvel comic book series that explores what occurs between the original film and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is officially part of the character's stories.

The latest issue of Marvel's comic introduces three elements to the STAR WARS mythos that could have major repercussions for future novels as well as the films. With original trilogy characters appearing in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, these changes could impact where we find the characters on the big screen.

If you are a reader of the comics or want to stay completely spoiler free in general, stop reading now. Everyone else, scroll past the image of Ben Kenobi giving Chewie some side-eye.

Still with me? Okay. So the first major change to canon involves Han Solo's past. We have heard rumors suggesting the Harrison Ford character could be getting his own solo film at some point and the introduction of his first wife could play a part in that tale. That's right: Han Solo was married before Leia. The introduction of Sana Solo to the universe occurs in the page excerpts below, much to Leia's chagrin.

The other changes are less momentous, but we are now given insight as to how Darth Vader learned it was his son that destroyed the Death Star and how Luke learned more backstory about his brief mentor, Obi-wan. All of the changes fit into the narrative of the Original Trilogy and actually enhance the stories we have already seen on screen. The testy relationship between Han and Leia at the start of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK can directly correlate to their run-ins with Sana Solo. While I have not read the entire comic, these changes are organic enough that I am okay with them. It remains to be seen how the rest of the fans out there will take the news. Also, will these changes impact the new films?

You can see all three pages from the sixth issue of Marvel's comic below. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens in theaters on December 18th.



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