Marvin Goes Hollywood

With fellows like Nemo, Shrek and Wall-E redefining our collective animation ethos, we seem to have forgotten about the brave men and women who started it all. I can’t remember the last time I heard the names Yogi Bear, or Foghorn Leghorn or Smurfette uttered among the social elite. We have become so preoccupied with Kung Fu Pandas that we seem to have forgotten the legends that paved the way.

Leave it to the folks at Warner Bros. to remind us. It seems as though they are developing a film based on “Marvin The Martian”, truly one of the original gangsters. The man with the empty face and wide eyes, whose desire to blow up the world made him a perfect foil for one Bugs Bunny, will be featured in a feature, one that blends live action with animation no less. With studios constantly excavating the world of vintage television (STARSKY AND HUTCH, GET SMART) it’s about time they wise up and reintroduce the trailblazers of animated comedy. Marvin is the man and Fudd, well you’re next, buddy.
Extra Tidbit: Can anyone believe no one's made a CGI Looney Tunes yet?
Source: Variety



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