Mary Elizabeth Winstead will get Smashed with Aaron Paul

Now here's a project I can get behind. The beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead will join up with the talented Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad fame) for SMASHED, a movie about a couple's mutual love for alcohol.

The film is supposed to be a loose reworking of DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES which originally starred Jack Lemon and Lee Remick. The wife tries to go sober, and it strains her relationship with her husband. Sounds more like an episode of Intervention than a fun drunk comedy, so that's probably the direction it will go.

Also as an added bonus, Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman is set to play an assistant principle at the school where Winstead teaches. Sounds like a good cast, and I'm particularly excited to see Aaron Paul in a film, and I have no doubts he can play a f*cked up alcoholic extremely well, thanks in part to his meth smoking days on Breaking Bad.

Extra Tidbit: How about that last episode of Breaking Bad? Damn!
Source: Variety



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