Mary Poppins Returns trailer is full of magic, heart and Emily Blunt's charm

Mary Poppins is a timeless character associated with kindness, harmony, love, charm and umbrellas – and she’s making a much-needed return in the appropriately-titled MARY POPPINS RETURNS. Emily Blunt takes the torch from Julie Andrews (who won an Oscar for her work in the classic original) and puts on quite a show in this new movie filled with song, dance and the same kind of mesh of live-action and animation that made the original such an endearing classic. Oh, and Dick Van Dyke does some sick dancing on a desk. The man hasn’t lost a step.

The first full trailer is brimming with the sort of fantastical scenery and wondrous magic that’s in store for audiences, and it certainly looks lush, vibrant and all manner of spectacular. The story also begins to come forward, and it’s quite similar to that of another Disney movie this year, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, which was all about learning to embrace your inner child and stuff away the stuffy adult. Blunt is crushing the role as Poppins, and with her is an impressive cast including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Van Dyke and Meryl F**king Streep.

The movie looks undeniably amazing, and it will surely pick up some award nominations for the production design and Blunt’s performance. Musicals have a knack for making it big during the Christmas season, with INTO THE WOODS, LA LA LAND, LES MISERABLES and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN all making well over $100 million and getting nominated for at least one or two Oscars. So, in short, Mary Poppins is looking to return with a massive bang this Christmas. Sorry, other releases; you never had a chance.


Source: Walt Disney



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