Masters of the Universe movie finds its directors in The Nee Brothers

For too long directors have passed on the opportunity to bring He-Man and the land of Eternia back to the big screen with a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie. Filmmakers like McG and David S. Goyer have since stepped away from the project after Sony spent years trying to find the right person for the job. Well, now the time has come, as Sony has not found the right person, but instead the rights persons to direct the film in The Nee Brothers.

Variety learned that filmmakers Adam and Aaron Nee have been tapped by Sony to helm the mighty space epic, which is based on the popular line of 80s toys and a cartoon (and a 1987 live-action movie) from Mattel. Goyer was set to direct not too long ago but had to step away due to scheduling conflicts, and instead has provided the script for the movie and will be heavily involved in the production. 

There was no update in terms of a start date, but the movie is still slated for December 18, 2019, so the plan is still to kick off filming sometime this year. This means we can also expect to hear some casting news in the next few months, so start imagining which muscle-bound hunk you want playing the powerful He-Man.

The Nee Brother’s don’t have a ton of credits to their name, being most known for the indie movie BAND OF ROBBERS, which was met with solid reviews back in 2016. They must have really sold Sony on their pitch if it got them the job, so the best of luck to them in their attempts to bring this possible franchise to the big screen. The 1987 He-Man, Dolph Lundgren, still has some fire in him, if you need casting ideas.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is still set for December 18, 2019.

Source: Variety



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