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Just in case you needed more of a reason to go see STAR WARS: EPISODE 2 - ATTACK OF THE CLONES on May 16th, it's been leaked that the teaser trailer for THE MATRIX RELOADED will ship with prints of the film.  Unfortunately, it won't be attached to the film and ultimately the decision on so-called "loose" trailers is at the discretion of theater managers.  If you want to make sure, I suggest calling your local theater and asking.  I've gotten ripped a few times hoping to see trailers and coming up short, so it couldn't hurt to ask.  Also expected to be showing before AOTC are new trailers for MINORITY REPORT, LIKE MIKE, SIN EATER and MEN IN BLACK 2.

What is the Matrix?

In other MATRIX news, various websites have reported that Nona Gaye (who I believe is the daughter of Marvin Gaye), will replace Aaliyah in the film.  Apparently, being a singer herself, she was friends with Aaliyah and felt the late singer/actress would've wanted her to fill the vacancy.  Gaye would play the role of Zee in both RELOADED and the third film REVOLUTIONS.

Nona Gaye
Her middle name is "Enola"

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