Matt Bomer to join Bill Pullman in the third season of The Sinner

Bill Pullman, The Sinner, Matt Bomer

We live in a world where there are a multitude of excellent television shows, so many that most of us can't hope to watch them all, and one of my favourites of the past several years has been The Sinner, USA Network's crime anthology series which follows Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) as he uncovers the complexities behind seemingly normal cases. After two seasons, USA Network has elected to renew The Sinner for a third season and have also announced that Matt Bomer (Doom Patrol) will be starring alongside Bill Pullman (THE EQUALIZER 2).

The upcoming third season of The Sinner will follow Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman) as he begins a "routine investigation of a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New York. Ambrose uncovers a hidden crime that pulls him into the most dangerous and disturbing case of his career." Matt Bomer will play Jamie, an expectant father and upstanding resident of Dorchester who looks to Ambrose for support in the wake of the accident. Judging by the previous two seasons, there will be plenty of twists and turns as Ambrose endeavors to solve the case before its too late. Matt Bomer is currently starring in Doom Patrol on DC Universe as Larry Trainor aka Negative Man, a former pilot who was exposed to Negative energy and miraculously survived the crash, later joining up with fellow freaks and meta-humans in the superhero group known as Doom Patrol.

The first season of The Sinner found Jessica Biel (Limetown) starring alongside Bill Pullman as Cora Tannetti, a young mother who brutally kills a man in public while at the beach with her family. As she seems to have no idea why she did it, Detective Ambrose investigates Cora's past in order to discover the truth. Season two starred Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as Vera Walker, the leader of a utopian commune, and saw Detective Ambrose pulled back to his hometown when an young boy poisons and murders his parents with no apparent motive, but Ambrose soon realizes that there's nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from. There's no word on when the third season of The Sinner will debut, but the past two season both premiered in August and consisted of eight-episodes.

Any other Sinner fans out there exited to see the series return for a third season?

Source: USA Network



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