Matt Damon says there's an idea for a second round of Rounders

Ah nostalgia, you have given us everything from the uber-hit JURASSIC WORLD, to the uber-duds INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, DUMB AND DUMBER TOO and ZOOLANDER 2. It seems there's no end to the marketable idea behind tugging at our childhood heartstrings, trying to convince us the 90’s were the pinnacle of human civilization. Pray tell, what could be the newest entry into this trend of trends? One man has given us an idea: Matt Damon.

Damon, in an interview on THE RICH EISEN SHOW (via EW) revealed the writers behind ROUNDERS, David Levien and Brian Koppelman, have an idea for a sequel that he quite likes:

[Rounders 2] would be an interesting thing because of what’s happened to poker. Now, with the online, this young generation, they start playing when they’re in their adolescence. By the time they’re 21, they’ve seen millions and million and millions of hands. … It’s just a very, very different game. And [it would be] interesting to see the character from my generation or [John] Malkovich’s character’s generation — us to come into that new world, would be really cool.

ROUNDERS, if you film buffs recall, was a mildly successful poker movie starring Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich from 1998 that became a cult classic over the years because hipsters. Now it appears the cards are on the table for a second—ahem—round. But this was just a mention of the idea, and no news yet on if it’s actually being put through the pipes. But with everyone pining for 90’s pop-culture revamps, I wouldn’t put it past Damon, Norton and Malkovich to want to come back for seconds.

Okay, in all seriousness, maybe this isn’t a good idea. I can understand revisiting mega-hits like INDEPENDENCE DAY or huge cult classics like ZOOLANDER, but ROUNDERS? I understand the movie has its fans, which is great, but I don't think it has enough to justify why a movie that made $22 million the year it came out (still only $42 million in today’s money), should get a 20-years-too-late sequel. I just don't think it's in the—ahem—cards. Damn I'm good.

Speaking of nostalgia, Damon returns as Jason Bourne in JASON BOURNE this Friday. In the meantime, check out our video that proves why Damon is kinda crazy.

Source: EW



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