Matt Damon's next is ...

What...the... I've got to admit, I'm slightly frightened by the picture to the right which, if you can't tell, is animated Matt Damon. As a bear. I think. Whatever it is, it's Matt Damon with fuzzy ears and a button nose. It's a promo still for Damon's upcoming appearance on the PBS kids series "Arthur". Damon will be guest-starring to promote a new initiative titled "Postcards From You." I can't debate the intentions behind the program because it gets kids interested in storytelling. I just wish it wasn't some creepy manimal Matt Damon promoting it. In the cartoon, Damon will play himself, albeit in Grizzly Man form, as he hosts a TV show that Arthur and he pals watch. TV Damon puts out a call for homemade videos and Arthur's gang gets together to film their lives to submit to Damon's show. I know this isn't exactly movie related but it was just to bizarre and surreal to not pass along. They even got the shirt right. The Matt Damon "Arthur" episode is scheduled to air on PBS on September 3rd. Stay tuned for more news on Ben Affleck's visit to The Berenstain Bears.

Extra Tidbit: The Backstreet Boys, architect Frank Gehry, Art Garfunkel and Alex Trebek have all guest starred on "Arthur."
Source: USA Today



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