Matt Reeves will write and direct a film based on the original source material for They Live

What's next for CLOVERFIELD & LET ME IN director Matt Reeves? According to Deadline, it will be a project based on Ray Nelson's short story 8 O’Clock in the Morning. Does the source material sound familiar? Maybe some plot info will jog your memory:

"The story is about a man who awakens one morning with the crystal-clear realization that we are surrounded daily by the presence of aliens that are controlling society."

The short story was also basis for John Carpenter's 1988 film, THEY LIVE. If you remember, the way the aliens were revealed in that film were with special glasses. From what Deadline says, this will not be the case with Reeve's take on the material. So just in case you were wondering-- no, it is not a remake.

Reeves said that as soon as he read Nelson's short story, he knew this would be the inspiration for his next directorial effort, “I saw an opportunity to do a movie that was very point-of-view driven, a psychological science fiction thriller that explores this guy’s nightmare. There could be a desperate love story at the center of this. Carpenter took a satirical view of the material and the larger political implication that we’re being controlled. I am very drawn to the emotional side, the nightmare experience with the paranoia of Invasion of the Body Snatchers or a Roman Polanski-style film.” Reeves says that he will begin writing on the project immediately.

Of course, the director was also asked about a sequel to CLOVERFIELD. Reeves said it was still on the drawing board, “If we crack a story we all love, we’ll do it."

Extra Tidbit: "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum."
Source: Deadline



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