Matthew Fox and Ed Harris have split from World War Z

It was pretty exciting to hear that Matthew Fox and Ed Harris would be joining Brad Pitt for WORLD WAR Z. Yes, you just caught a "was" in there. Seems that both actors have dropped out of the project.

Apparently Fox's prior commitment to I, ALEX CROSS with Tyler Perry creates a scheduling issue. If his role in WORLD WAR Z was bigger, I'd suggest he'd drop that Tyler Perry bullshit. Cause really, who wants to be in a movie with Tyler Perry?

What's Harris' excuse? According to the report from Vulture they are unsure as to why Harris is stepping off the film. The only thing that the actor has lined up is Beth Henley’s Pulitzer-winning play The Jacksonian and that doesn't start until next February.

So for now Brad Pitt has to deal with the zombie brigades himself since production has already begun in Malta.

Extra Tidbit: Sigh. I was genuinely excited for the casting of Matthew Fox. I love you too, Ed Harris.
Source: Vulture



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