Matthew Fox lands first major post-Lost role in I, Alex Cross

For Lost fans who thought the roles would come pouring in for its star, Matthew Fox, after the show wrapped, your wish is now a reality. He's landed a big part in I, ALEX CROSS. So, how much do they need him to whine?

Actually, quite the contrary, he'll be something of a badass instead.

Fox plays Michael Sullivan, who kills both for money and thrills. He’s known as the Butcher of Sligo and shows why after Cross thwarts one of his killing attempts. Sullivan makes his retribution personal, by killing the detective’s wife in gruesome fashion. Then it becomes a mano a mano battle between them. Sullivan is one of the best known villains in the Patterson-penned novel series.

It's kind of hard to picture Fox as a malicious killer, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing him try.

So who's Alex Cross? Thaaaat would be Tyler Perry. Whoops, and things were going so well! And directed by XXX's Rob Cohen? This just keeps getting better and better. Really curious to see how this is going to go.

Extra Tidbit: When are Locke, Kate and Sawyer going to star landing some parts?
Source: Deadline



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