Matthew McConaughey goes ass-out in red-band Gold trailer; UK poster drops

This January will see plenty of awards hopefuls going wide, including HIDDEN FIGURES, LIVE BY NIGHT, SILENCE and the Matthew McConaughey vehicle, GOLD. The former three all have reliable names and premises behind them, but GOLD is the one that’s not striking as hard on the audience anticipation meter. This could just be because of all the other promising flicks coming out this month, but this new red-band trailer hopes to get a few more interested in the movie, proving that when you want to get asses in the seats you have to show a little ass yourself.

Another reason the movie hasn’t been getting as much attention is because, so far, it’s been met with rather lukewarm reception. It’s one of those movies where it seems the main reason to see it is the lead performance, in this case featuring a transformed and plump McConaughey. Overall the movie looks like it will be entertaining for people who're fans of "too good to be true" stories, which this movie promises to be on the new UK poster (an exclusive from Empire). You can look upon McConaughey looking upon the world below!

GOLD goes wide January 27.

Source: TWV-DimensionEmpire



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