Matthew McConaughey is plump, balding & gold hunting in first Gold trailer

You know an actor is fully committed when they're willing go from looking like Superman to looking like a failed rodeo clown just for a role. Christian Bale did it for AMERICAN HUSTLE and Robert De Niro famously packed on the pounds for RAGING BULL. Now we can add Matthew McConaughey to that illustrious list, as he gained 40 pounds for his new movie GOLD which dropped its first trailer (via Vulture).

The energetic trailer is a tremendous showcase for McConaughey who also sports a receding hairline and a goofy grin in the adventure drama from Stephen Gaghan, the director’s first theatrical movie since SYRIANA in 2005.

Check out the trailer below!

McConaughey looks to be rocking some tighty whitites like Bryan Cranston via BREAKING BAD, injecting a comedic vibe into the story about a man looking for fame and fortune in the Indonesian jungle, only to have to deal with the real price of that fortune. We haven’t heard much about this movie since images dropped about a year ago, and it has yet to make the rounds at any of the recent festivals, but it hopes to be a player come awards season (especially for McConaughey). The actor won his Oscar while going mega-thin for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, so maybe he can snag some gold himself for going full Jake La Motta. He’ll either get a nomination or diabetes. Kind of up in the air at this point.

Go gold hunting with Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramirez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Corey Stoll and Toby Kebbell in GOLD which comes out this Christmas.

Source: Vulture



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