Matthew McConaughey says he is open to returning to True Detective

Before Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB, the actor was on the cusp of a career resurgence thanks to his amazing turn as Rust Cohle on HBO's anthology series TRUE DETECTIVE. By many accounts, TRUE DETECTIVE may be the finest performance of McConaughey's career, but with a Best Actor trophy under his arm, the smooth talking Texan is now starring in Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR and could be up for any number of major roles. But, does that mean his TRUE DETECTIVE days are numbered?

In an interview with Deadline, McConaughey was asked about agreeing to TRUE DETECTIVE since it was only a one season commitment. The actor was very specific that he did not want to be contracted for multiple years, which likely means that we will never see him play a superhero, but it also seems that the experience on this particular run may have changed his mind a bit.

I liked True Detective, the whole series and the experience of making it, so much that I’d be open to doing another one now. At the time, I was looking at six months and not beyond that. I don’t know of a feature film I’d sign for where I’m going to say, “If this works, you’ve got me whenever you want me for the next three years.”

While he sounds like he would be open to any number of TV series, I would think the relationship with HBO and the acclaim from TRUE DETECTIVE would make McConaughey open to playing a totally different character much like Jessica Lange from year to year on AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Maybe it won't be for the second season, but here's hoping we see Matthew McConaughey back for season three.

Source: Deadline



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