Matthew Modine is interested in playing Doctor Strange for Marvel

We know Marvel is looking for a director for their DOCTOR STRANGE film, which means they are also searching for someone to play the Sorcerer Supreme. Actor Matthew Modine has thrown a name out there he thinks the studio should be considering: himself. In a recent tweet, the FULL METAL JACKET and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES star says he'd like to play Doctor Strange in Marvel's planned movie.

Dye his hair and Matthew Modine would definitely look like the character, but I doubt Marvel is going to cast him as Doctor Strange. Some have speculated Strange will become the new leader of The Avengers once Robert Downey, Jr. takes a break from playing Iron Man, and no disrespect to Mr. Modine, but there's a huge drop in terms of star power from Downey to Modine. Marvel will likely want a more recognizable name for the part, which is why the Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange made sense, even if there wasn't any truth to that rumor.

But on the other hand, Marvel has cast some interesting actors as their characters, and maybe they'll think Matthew Modine is a good fit for Doctor Strange. Modine is just expressing interest in a part, and this isn't a rumor about a meeting or Marvel looking at the actor, so Marvel might just say, "Thanks, but no thanks," and continue their search. It probably won't happen, but do you think Matthew Modine would make a great Doctor Strange?

Source: Twitter



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