Matthew Vaughn begged Fox not to spoil Colin Firth's return in Kingsman 2

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It's no secret that Harry Hart (Colin Firth) was to return in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, something Twentieth Century Fox spoiled themselves with the release of the very first teaser poster, but it was something which director Matthew Vaughn begged them not to do. Marketing a film isn't always a simple task, and sometimes those in charge seem to make questionable decisions, such as revealing twists which would be better left unknown to the general public. While speaking with IGN, Vaughn made his feelings very clear about Fox's choice to reveal the return of Harry Hart.

Well, I’m not in charge of marketing. The thinking about that was stupidity, to be blunt. I begged the studio not to reveal it. Because it’s the whole driving force of the first act and if you didn’t know that scene it would’ve made the whole audience gasp. So you have to ask the lovely marketing guys because I think their job is to open the movie and don’t really care about the experience of the movie.

Who knows, it may have been quite impossible to keep Harry's return in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE a secret, but Matthew Vaughn later indicated that that he'll be taking steps to control how his movies are marketed in future, saying, "There’s a great expression someone said to me: 'the storyteller should be the story seller', and I’m going to try and do that next time." As for just how Harry Hart has seemingly come back from the dead, well, you're going to have to watch the film to find that out.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is now playing in theaters, so check out our own Chris Bumbray's review!

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