Matthew Vaughn circling original sci-fi drama Courage

Matthew Vaughn delivered his highly-anticipated sequel KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE this year, and no one would be remiss to think the man would want to take some time off. But the man thrives on being busy, and it seems he may already be circling his next venture in a sci-fi film called COURAGE from Karl Gajdusek (OBLIVION and THE NOVEMBER MAN).

Deadline got the scoop that Vaughn circling the project to produce, and may possibly direct the sci-fi drama, which the report said was in the vein of INCEPTION and EDGE OF TOMORROW. Nothing else is known about the production, or if Vaughn is even guaranteed to direct. At the very least, he seems to be officially on board from a producer’s standpoint.

There were rumors floating around earlier this year that claimed Vaughn was a top choice at Warner Bros. to helm a sequel to MAN OF STEEL, with the director even sharing what kind of Superman movie he would make. But as the DCEU struggles with the poor performance of JUSTICE LEAGUE the fate of any MAN OF STEEL 2 is up in the air, and the movie itself may not even happen, regardless if Vaughn was really involved.

KINGSMAN 2 left me bit disappointed, but Vaughn has a great track record nonetheless, and an INCEPTION/EDGE OF TOMORROW-esque original film sounds beyond spectacular. I’d love to see him bring something like that to the screen, especially how he’s mainly tackled comic book adaptations in recent years (KICK-ASS, X-MEN, and KINGSMAN).  

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE hits Blu-ray next month.

Source: Deadline



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