Matthew Vaughn officially signs on to direct X-Men First Class sequel

Deadline is reporting that Fox has just closed a deal with director  Matthew Vaughn to once again take up the helm of the X-Men franchise, continuing where he left off with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

This should put to rest a lot of doubt surrounding where the X-franchise was headed after the moderate box office success of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. It was one of the best reviewed films of the franchise, but didn't exactly "slay it" at the box office, which can oftentimes hurt the potential sequel (SCOTT PILGRIM anyone?).

Simon Kinberg is writing the script and Bryan Singer is back as producer, but there are no casting or story details as of yet. Stay tuned as I'm sure they'll come flooding in very quickly. I really enjoyed X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (and actually think it's the best of the franchise) so it'll be cool to see the spearhead of its success leading the charge once again.

Extra Tidbit: May as well get it started: What new characters would you like to see in the sequel?
Source: Deadline



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