Max Brooks' zombie vs vampire comic The Extinction Parade may be headed to television

Max Brooks wrote the great novel that served as the inspiration for WORLD WAR Z, a film that was good but not as great as it could have been. Next, he may be on his way to bringing a challenger for THE WALKING DEAD on your home television. Brooks' comic series THE EXTINCTION PARADE appears to be catching the eye of some as the next big horror series featuring not just the lurching, cannibal undead, but the fanged kind as well.

THE EXTINCTION PARADE features both zombies and vampires in a tale that pits the bloodsuckers against the brainless monsters who are corrupting their food supply. Bleeding Cool reports that a major production studio is making a deal to film THE EXTINCTION PARADE but is reluctant to say who that is. Now, this could go many different ways. If it ends up going to a network like NBC or CW, it will never reach the heights that THE WALKING DEAD has. But, if the studio is HBO, now you are talking. THE WALKING DEAD is great because AMC is willing to put the money and talent behind being more than a splatfest. HBO putting GAME OF THRONES level production values behind a zombie/vampire series with material by Max Brooks is a recipe for success.

NBC is currently developing the undead series BABYLON FIELDS and The CW currently is airing THE RETURNED, both which take a less violent look at zombies. THE EXTINCTION PARADE would represent the first true challenger to THE WALKING DEAD's ratings.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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