McAvoy & Rogen's Cancer

James looks suave

I still have a hard time looking at James McAvoy as a big, serious star; to me he's still the porn-addicted little bro' from WIMBLEDON. But the guy is cool nonetheless, and he's been proving his chops left and right these last few years.

McAvoy signed on to headline Mandate Pictures' comedic adaptation of the book  I'M WITH CANCER by Will Reiser, following the author and screenwriter's own victorious battle with the disease in his 20s. Assuming "Comedic" means "Dramedy" 'cause Cancer probably won't go down well amidst dick & fart jokes. Just sayin'.

Reiser himself will provide the script for producer and co-star Seth Rogen along with his usual partner Evan Goldberg. FRIENDS WITH MONEY helmer Nicole Holofcener is behind cameras with an eye towards filming in January.

The film won't in any way change McAvoy's involvement in the WANTED sequel nor Rogen's intent to bust crime as THE GREEN HORNET.  It might however help Rogen take the successful step toward "serious" comedy he and Judd Apatow failed to achieve with FUNNY PEOPLE. Not a bad movie, but when Eric Bana is the funniest part of a Sandler/Rogen comedy, something's wrong...

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Source: Variety



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