McCarthy and Falcone join Steve Mallory for Super-Intelligence comedy

Hold on to your butts, my friends, because screenwriter Steve Mallory is joining forces, once again, with comedy power couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone for his next script entitled SUPER-INTELLIGENCE. As you may recall, the threesome jointly wrote the 2016 comedy THE BOSS, and now they've got their sights set on creating a snappy buddy comedy for New Line that aims to tickle your funny bone and then some.

Produced by way of the the team's On the Day banner, SUPER-INTELLIGENCE is set to be a high-profile action buddy comedy which explores the concept of technological singularity - the theory that artificial intelligence will one day abruptly trigger a runaway of technological growth. Once up and running, certain individuals believe that the robots, programs, and machines of tomorrow will ultimately surpass their makers and bring about a new age of human civilization as we know it.

In addition to SUPER-INTELLIGENCE, New Line is also set to release McCarthy and Falcone's forthcoming comedy entitled LIFE OF THE PARTY, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Molly Gordon, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen and Gillian Jacobs. Though the film's plot is still being kept under wraps, the project is expected to be released on May 11, 2018. Unsurprisingly, Mallory will serve as a co-producer on that movie as well.

Personally, I just want some more news about SPY 2, but I suppose that all good things come to those who wait. Do you think we'll see McCarthy battle robots and sentient fax machines in SUPER-INTELLIGENCE? Only time will tell. Be sure to check back for more details on this upcoming project as they roll out. 

Extra Tidbit: Everyone always laughs when people joke about Skynet taking over the world, one day. But sometime soon, you'll see. You'll all see!



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