McConaughey P.I.?

Is Matthew McConaughey willing to grow out some lip fur and spend his time hanging on Hawaii beaches or cruising around in a red Ferrari?

It's possible -- according to EW, the amiable charmer has been "offered" the title role for the MAGNUM P.I. feature. Universal's flick is, of course, based on the hit 80s TV series that starred the infamously mustached Tom Selleck as a former Navy SEAL turned Oahu-based crime solver. Writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber (DODGEBALL) is handling the remake.

Of course, bear in mind that an offer doesn't necessarily mean it will happen (remember when my beloved Jessica Biel was officially offered the part of Wonder Woman, and then left me devastated?), but it doesn't come as a surprise -- McConaughey has been linked to the role for over a year, along with his SAHARA co-stars Steve Zahn and William Macy rumored for supporting roles as Rick and Higgins.

Thanks to 'Paul F.' for pointing out Matt's mustache possibilities.
Extra Tidbit: George Clooney was previously rumored for the Magnum role.
Source: EW



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