McG's Awakening

Everyone is waiting to see if McG kicks the shit out of TERMINATOR SALVATION this summer. If he does, he will be revered world over as a saviour, and invited to many a ham dinner. If not, he will be blindfolded, sodomized, and thrown off a cliff. It seems as though McG is so confident in his film however, that he's already begun booking future projects.

First it was announced that McG would direct 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA: CAPTAIN NEMO, and now McG is in talks to adapt the smash hit Broadway musical "Spring Awakening" for the silver screen. Set in 19th-century Germany, the coming-of-age tale features a group of teenagers discovering their sexuality and dealing with sensitive topics like masturbation, abortion, rape and suicide.

Although no studio is currently attached, it shouldnt be long before this film finds a home, as the musical--with music written by Duncan Sheik and based on a 1891 German Play--cleaned up at last year's Tonys. McG has previous experience in both music and teen dramas--having produced Sugar Ray's first album and executive produced "The O.C"--making him the perfect candidate to bring us a film about sexy young things singing about their wee-wees and their ha-has.

Extra Tidbit: Do we trust this guy yet?
Source: THR



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