McLovin's Year

I totally wanted to go a different way to other websites who constantly refer to Christopher Mintz-Plasse only as his SUPERBAD alter-ego 'McLovin', but then I realized that a) a lot of you probably then wouldn't know who I was talking about, and b) somehow, 'McLovin' is actually a step-up from Christopher Mintz-Plasse, which is only slightly better than being called 'Vagina McSugartits'. Anyway, whatever his name, he has snagged in a role in the Judd Apatow produced, Harold Ramis directed comedy YEAR ONE. Vinnie Jones, Oliver Platt, Juno Temple and David Cross are also in negotiations, with Jack Black and Michael Cera already set to star. Not much is known about the plot except that it is set in biblical times and that Platt is to play a platform-shoe wearing Priest, and Jones is to play a palace guard. This definitely sounds cool, what with the Apatow stamp of excellence and all. Plus, Ramis' THE ICE HARVEST was a film that I absolutely loved. All we need now is some hot tail and we'll be good to go.
Extra Tidbit: Michael Cera's Impossible is the Opposite of Possible.



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