Meet Lana Wachowski

UPDATE - Fox News has confirmed via SPEED RACER producer Joel Silver that there's no truth to the story that Larry Wachowski is now a woman. Still a tripod. Proceed... I'll keep this story short and sweet. Real sweet. Apparently Larry Wachowski of the Wachowski brothers, has fully completed his sex change. What? You didn't know? Check out this Rolling Stone article, called The Mystery of Larry Wachowski, and it will reveal a lot to you about one of the minds behind THE MATRIX.

Rated-M.com is reporting that Larry is officially now Lana, and that some time after their next film SPEED RACER is released, Lana will speak to the press about this procedure, supposedly to NBC's Dateline. Also, it appears that only Andy Wachowski will be doing press for SPEED RACER, since all the kiddies might not know what to make of Lana. The Wachowskis (notice how I no longer can use the term 'brothers' to describe them) are normally very press shy, so if this Dateline thing is true, then it'll be quite fascinating.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if it ever got awkward on set? I know I'd be a little nervous.
Source: Rated-M



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