Meet Snoopy's girlfriend in the latest image from The Peanuts Movie

In all the years it has taken for Charles Schulz's Peanuts to make it to the big screen, the biggest concern was losing the heart and dry wit that made millions of people fans of the comic strip and television specials. With the first posters and trailers released for THE PEANUTS MOVIE, and the involvement of Schulz's family, it looks like they have hit the tone and humor perfectly.

In the latest image from the movie, we get our first glimpse at a new addition to the cast. THE PEANUTS MOVIE will introduce a friend for Snoopy in the form of a French dog named Fifi. In the below image, we can see her flying with Snoopy in Paris. So, will Fifi be real or a product of Snoopy's imagination? The classic Peanuts specials introduced a ton of relatives and friends for Snoopy, so it could go either way.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE may not be a huge blockbuster with action set-pieces, but it should be a family event for fans of the comics. I know my kids loved the teasers and are looking forward to the movie, but is that enough to make it a hit? I am a bit surprised they haven't been milking Paul Feig's involvement with the project to try and drive older audiences.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE hits theaters on November 6th.



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