Meet the agents in these new international posters for the action comedy Spy

While Paul Feig stokes the fires of discord regarding his upcoming reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS, his latest female-led action comedy, SPY, prepares to hit theaters. The film stars Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham, and Rose Byrne and we have a new batch of international posters showcasing their various roles in the film.

Unfortunately, the Rose Byrne poster has not popped up yet, but you can see in the four we have that each spy seems to have their own distinct style. Jude Law has a very James Bond look while Jason Statham has more of a 1970s Michael Caine vibe going with the turtleneck and blazer. And, well, then there is Melissa McCarthy who continues to rock her undercover grandma look that is very reminiscent of Susan Sarandon in last summer's flop TAMMY.

As I looked at the marketing materials for SPY, there was something it was reminding me of that I could not put my finger on. Then, it hit me: these posters look almost identical to the marketing for the Steve Carell/Anne Hathaway movie GET SMART. The only difference is McCarthy takes the place of Carell, Rose Byrne Replaces Hathaway, and Statham and Law stand in for Dwayne Johnson. I enjoyed GET SMART quite a bit, so if SPY can be half as funny it should be worth checking out.

SPY opens in theaters on June 5th.

Source: IMPAwards



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