Meet the new Salem for Netflix's Sabrina the Teenage Witch series

RIVERDALE showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa took to his personal Twitter account today to introduce the world to the new Salem, Sabrina the Teenage Witch's wise-cracking feline co-star. Attached to the photo of the midnight black Bombay breed is the caption “Ladies and gentlemen, meet #Greendale’s latest resident. All hail, Salem!”

You can check out the image of Salem in all of his glorious fuzziness below:

Just like Garfield, Hobbes, Morris, Maru, and Sylvester, Salem has clawed his way into the hearts of millions, after becoming a household name thanks to his adorable antics on ABC's SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH television show.

While his role in Netflix's new and spooktacular reimagining of Sabrina remains uncertain, you can bet that he'll quickly become a fan favorite of the 20-episode, two-season, straight-to-series order.

Originally in the old school pages of Archie comics, Salem was a wtich, who'd been sentenced by the Witch's Council to spend a total of 100 years as a cat with no magical powers to speak of. Unless you count Salem's magical sense of fashion, of course, because he slayed in many of the outfits he wore throughout the original seven seasons of the show. Additionally, while Salem was known to cast an incantation or two, he always required Sabrina's magical prowess to enact the spells.

Previously, it was announced that Kiernan Shipka of MAD MEN fame will be stepping into the role of Sabrina, with THE VAMPIRE DIARIES series alum Jaz Sinclair coming aboard as the witch's best friend.

With any luck, Netflix will conjure some more news regarding their Sabrina series real soon. 

Source: Twitter



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