Meet Thomas Magnum & his crew in Magnum P.I. first look trailer

The era of the television remakes and reboots is most certainly upon us, and the new version of MAGNUM P.I. is the latest entry in this canon. Jay Hernandez takes up the mantle of debonair private investigator Thomas Magnum from Tom Selleck in this new series, which dropped its first look trailer recently. With director Justin Lin helming the show's pilot episode we can definitely expect some wild action scenes, and the trailer is the perfect showcase for all the exciting action. A lot of it features Magnum driving his red sports car, of which he must have a hundred versions of in his garage. 

As far as TV action dramas go, especially ones based on a classic 80s show, MAGNUM looks pretty awesome. Those action bits look way more over-the-top and spectacular than anything else on network TV, and Hernandez and the cast members seem to have a great repartee. Some may be skeptical of the show, especially those who grew up with Selleck's version, but I say give it a shot. Hernandez may not have Selleck's iconic 'stache, but he has the charm to spare and looks right at home behind the wheel. 

MAGNUM P.I. will begin airing on CBS sometime this year. 

Source: CBS



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