Megan Fox goes crazy

Writer Diablo Cody is already getting some serious Oscar buzz for her JUNO script and Fox has moved quickly to lock up her next project. Fox Atomic grabbed her latest script, JENNIFER'S BODY, and quickly signed Megan Fox to star. In the supernatural comedy, Fox would star as Jennifer, a cheerleader who becomes possessed and begins killing boys from school. Her best friend has to find a way to stop her. Fox describes the script as being similar to BEETLEJUICE and HEATHERS, though those are awful lofty comparisons. Fox, who was last seen dripping sweat in TRANSFORMERS, is also attached to another Fox film, HACK/SLASH. How they'll prep Fox, who has a half-dozen tattoos, to play a popular cheerleader remains to be seen. Makeup, I guess? Not too many cheerleaders I've ever seen have tattoos of Marilyn Monroe on their forearm... JUNO, Cody's first produced script, is scheduled for release by Fox Searchlight on December 14th. She's also executive producing and writing a Showtime pilot for Steven Spielberg and star Toni Collette.

Extra Tidbit: Cody's brand new blog is available here.



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