Mel Gibson deals out death to save his daughter in the Blood Father trailer

Blood Father banner

Mel Gibson's private life aside, a lot of folks miss seeing the man up on the big screen. Hell, I'll take Gibson in front of or behind the camera! The man knows how to make movies! Fortunately for us, he's taking a leading role in the upcoming BLOOD FATHER. The story follows an ex-con who reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter in order to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her. Sounds like a recipe for a good time!

A lot of folks are thinking the same thing after watching this and that's, "Mel Gibson couldn't do FURY ROAD because...?" I understand why they wanted to go in a new direction for the latest MAD MAX adventure, but I do hope that we get a chance to see Tom Hardy further flesh out his iteration. Meanwhile, as long as Gibson stays in the acting game, I'll be up for watching him shoot bad guys in the face. It's just one of those things I enjoy.

BLOOD FATHER will be released in the US sometime in 2016.

Source: Icon Movies



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