Mel talks Mad Max 4

Since it was officially announced that Tom Hardy (BRONSON, ROCKnROLLA, STAR TREK NEMESIS) would be taking over for Mel Gibson as lawman-turned-road warrior "Mad" Max Rockatansky in FURY ROAD, we've almost come to believe that the rumors of Mel's involvement weren't true after all.

And either Gibson is being sly about it, or he's really left the leathers behind. As he tells the Australian Herald Sun: "I was just talking with George [Miller] the other day, he dropped me a line, so you kind of keep in touch with them and see what they're up to."

But apparently this wasn't about Miller's latest MAD MAX film. "Oh gosh, I don't know what he's up to,'' Gibson claimed. ''Not with me, I don't think, man, I'm a bit old and long in the tooth for that number. You need somebody who can get around a bit quicker.''

The original trade break said the new MAX is set "a short while after the story detailed in 1985’s MAD MAX BEOND THUNDERDOME, which keeps Mad Max relatively young." And yet for some time I'd been hearing that Gibson would indeed be participating in FURY ROAD... and not necessarily as the hero.

If that turns out to be the case, it'll be interesting to see how long they can keep it under wraps. The movie is gearing up for production with filming commencing Down Under next year.

Extra Tidbit: A "lost version" TV edit of THE ROAD WARRIOR featured alternate scenes to make up for the heavily censored footage.
Source: Herald Sun



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