Melissa Leo, Jesse Eisenberg, and Tracy Morgan will be Predisposed

A new indie comedy called PREDISPOSED is in the works, and according to Vulture, (much deserved) Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg, and EGOT hopeful Tracy Morgan will comprise the main parts of the film's dysfunctional cast.

The film is described as "a macabre look at the unhealthy relationship between a drug-addicted mother (Leo) and her college-bound son (Eisenberg), set on the day of both his interview at Julliard and her planned arrival in rehab." Morgan will reportedly play the mother's drug dealer by the name of 'Sprinkles'.

Originally a 2009 Sundance short (which also starred Leo), PREDISPOSED was co-written by Philip Dorling and Ron Nyswaner (who himself is an Oscar nominee for writing PHILADELPHIA in 1994). The new feature length version will be helmed by Nyswaner, making it his directorial debut.

PREDISPOSED is scheduled to start shooting this summer.
Extra Tidbit: I was kinda shocked to hear that Leo's utterance of 'f*ck' during her Oscar acceptance speech was the first time that word's ever been said there.
Source: Vulture



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