Men in Black III will feature real alien...Lady Gaga??

In an inspiring move, no doubt motivated purely by artistic merit, Lady Gaga is rumored to have a part in the forthcoming sequel MEN IN BLACK III. Fans of the series have remained hopeful for the project despite numerous reports over the last year of trouble during the film's production. This stunt-casting news could only fuel more fan-boy outrage.

Brazilian website ElCorilloRD.com first reported the story that the pop diva would be making an appearance in the film series about a secret government agency that controls earth's connections with aliens. The third film in the series finds star Will Smith going back-in-time to solve the mystery of his partner's (Tommy Lee Jones) disappearance.

We should remember that MEN IN BLACK II featured a very funny cameo by the late Michael Jackson. But is it a retread to once again feature a musician known almost as much for her weird on-and-off stage antics as she is for her music? If Gaga is featured as an alien life form (ALF?), isn't in the Same. Exact. Joke?

And can we PLEASE only use the name HOMENS DE PRETO 3 from now on when referring to the film, and be just as happy as these two about the title?

As we near the films May 25th, 2012 release date, we can expect conformation, and news on other celebrity cameos.

Extra Tidbit: Until then, which celebrity would you like to see in MEN IN BLACK III? Discuss below...!
Source: ElCorilloRD.com



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