Men in Suits! Check out the trailer and clips from this awesome documentary about suit acting with Doug Jones, Tom Woodruff Jr., and more!

MEN IN SUITS!  Many of us here at JoBlo.com are big fans of practical effects, including the use of make-up, prosthetics, or full on body suits when making kick ass sci-fi, horror, or whatever genre calls for it.  Although CGI has grown leaps and bounds from where it was 20 years ago, nothing beats the realism portrayed by a well-made "man in suit."  When you look at films like PREDATOR, ALIENS, HELLBOY, PUMPKINHEAD, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, etc., there's no denying that they would have lost much of their esteem had they been fully rendered with CGI. 

The new documentary MEN IN SUITS turns the spotlight to the art of suit acting, featuring interviews with some of the premier actors that "embody" these roles, such as Doug Jones (HELLBOY, HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY), Tom Woodruff Jr. (ALIENS), Brian Steele (PREDATORS), and many more.  The doc has tons of behind-the-scenes footage, showcasing the process and creation of many of these suits and how these actors approached working with them.  It looks like a truly fascinating doc, especially for those of us with a deep appreciation for the use of practical effects.

Here's the trailer:

And here's a few clips:

MEN IN SUITS is another in a growing trend of Kickstarter-funded projects that has helped to bring about some truly awesome and compelling works and continues to do so (David Fincher's THE GOON adaptation was fully funded for start-up and you can still donate to get the SUPERMAN LIVES documentary off the ground). 

Diirected by Frank H. Woodward, MEN IN SUITS is currently available at Amazon.

Extra Tidbit: Who's your favorite "Man in Suit?" Mine will always be the original Predator.
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