Men Who Kill being developed as a Bad Boys-like vehicle for Michael B Jordan

It has become something of a running gag on this site in reference to Michael B. Jordan being cast in almost every new project starting up in Hollywood from THE FANTASTIC FOUR, the ROCKY spin-off focused on Apollo Creed, and more. But, in order to maximize on Jordan's popularity while the iron is hot, Fox has commissioned a new script from ARROW creator Greg Berlanti based on a pitch by T.J. Fixman.

Deadline says the film is titled MEN WHO KILL and vaguely describes the CIA-centric action flick as an "international BAD BOYS" which could mean almost anything. I take it to mean a violent, over the top, buddy movie with a lot of box office potential.

Most of the negativity towards Michael B. Jordan has centered on the decision by Fox and director Josh Trank to cast the actor in the role of Johnny Storm, a character that has traditionally been Caucasian. While I have no issue with flipping gender, race, or anything of the sort if it works within the confines of the story, the backlash has been audible. Fox has worked with Jordan on Josh Trank's CHRONICLE and seems to want to continue working with him.

It is tough at this point to tell what exactly MEN WHO KILL will turn into but at this point I would expect to see a heck of a lot more Michael B. Jordan.

Source: Deadline



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