Mendes heads South

Eva Mendes, Josh Hartnett and Ben Kinglsey have signed on to star in the upcoming action/revenge flick QUEEN OF THE SOUTH for director Jonathan Jakubowicz. In the film, Mendes will play a female Scarface-type - the reigning drug smuggler in Spain bent on avenging the death of her boyfriend back in Mexico. The film is an odd choice for Mendes who earlier this year checked herself into rehab. The film will be based on the bestseller LA REINA DEL SUR by Arturo Perez Reverte. It's unclear how Hartnett and Kingsley fit into the equation. Mendes has a number of films on the way including LIVE!, THE WOMEN and THE SPIRIT, all set for later this year. I'm not sure though I believe Mendes as a tough gal though. She seems a little to sexy and sweet but this could be a good chance for her to stretch those acting chops. QUEEN is expected to begin filming this fall in Spain and Mexico.

Extra Tidbit: Mendes' first role was in CHILDREN OF THE CORN 5.



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