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Here's something I've been waiting for, nay HOPING for these last few years: Matthew Lillard being given a good serious role. The guy's been so deeply typecast in the stoner/slacker genre it was almost becoming painful. Those two Scooby-Doo films didn't help either. You're better than that Mat!

Lillard stars in new thriller MESSAGES DELETED as a screenwriting teacher who's forced to live out the plot details of a script he stole. Sounds a little by-the-numbers as a thriller, but again it's Lillard grown up and acting serious so I'm in just for him, plus there's Deborah Kara Unger who still looks hot. Oh, and it's written by Larry Cohen who also penned CELLULAR and PHONE BOOTH, so if you liked those, well there you go.

No release date yet for the indie film, but here's the trailer to help anyone who wants to buy it make in informed decision. Hey, I'd buy it, but you know... kids n' all...

Extra Tidbit: Larry Cohen also wrote MANIAC COP. Not a horror fan but I loved the first and second when they came out.
Source: Slash Film



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