Messina is a Devil

This is the first I've heard of "The Night Chronicles," which are a series of three movies to be released over the next three years based on stories by, you guessed it, M. Night Shyamalan. The first of these is DEVIL, with the story by Shyamalan, the screenplay by 30 DAYS OF NIGHT’s Brian Nelson and behind the camera, the brothers who directed QUARANTINE, Drew and John Erick Dowdle. The new news here is that AWAY WE GO and VICKY CHRISTY BARCELONA's Chris Messina will star in the project due out sometime next year.

Plot details? Please, this is the man who told us the plot of THE HAPPENING was that there was an “event happening.”

Speaking of THE HAPPENING, is this move by Shyamalan one waving the flag of defeat, that he knows he can’t direct or write for shit anymore so he’s handing over those duties to other people? Or is it merely one of pretention, thinking that he’s a big enough name where he can sit back and make his own horror brand like Alfred Hitchcock? Yes, those are the only two options.

I have never seen a director fall as far and as hard as Shyamalan, hence the harsh tone toward him. THE HAPPENING is my absolute #1 worst film of all time, and to think the man still believe he deserves some sort of horror empire is jaw-dropping. Hopefully with other people taking the reigns, they’ll be able to salvage some of his decent concepts and turn them into actual good movies.

Extra Tidbit: But hey, THE LAST AIRBENDER could always rock I guess...
Source: Variety



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