MGM & Eon shows interest in S.J. Clarkson, Yann Demange & more for Bond 25

Although Danny Boyle (TRAINSPOTTING) was slated to direct Daniel Craig's fifth and final appearance as James Bond, it was announced last month that Boyle had stepped away due to creative differences, leaving MGM and Eon scrambling to find someone new to fill the role. It's also possible that the film could lose its November 8, 2019 release date, but that all depends on how quickly the producers move. According to Variety, MGM and Eon are in the process of setting meetings with several potential candidates to replace Boyle, including AMERICAN ANIMALS' Bart Layton and STAR TREK 4's S.J. Clarkson.

It's not clear when these meetings with Bart Layton and S.J. Clarkson will be taking place as Variety's sources say that they're still being worked out, but they also add that Yann Demange (WHITE BOY RICK), who was once up for the job before Danny Boyle signed on, is also back in the running. MGM and Eon's initial meeting with Demange is said to have gone well, but they were unable to see WHITE BOY RICK at the time as the film was unfinished. Variety claims that a screening of WHITE BOY RICK is now being set up for the producers. There are certainly plenty of possibilities to take on BOND 25 at this point, but if MGM and Eon are still keen on keeping their release date, I'd imagine that we'll be hearing something more official before too long.

As for Daniel Craig, it doesn't seem that the actor will stressing out too much about the BOND 25 director search, as he recently attached himself to KNIVES OUT, a contemporary murder mystery from STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI director Rian Johnson. Craig is set to play the detective who is assigned to solve the crime, and in a statement, Rian Johnson said that he's always wanted to work with the actor.

I have been a huge fan and always wanted to work with him and as I worked on the script, trying to get it right, Ram and I were wringing our hands over who could be the detective. Then, serendipitously, we heard Daniel might have a small window, and it worked out. He’s an actor of extraordinary range, and we are looking forward to the fun of finding that modern detective, and collaborating with Daniel on creating a new Poirot.

It's hoped that production on KNIVES OUT will get underway in November, which shouldn't interfere with the production schedule of BOND 25, assuming that the film snags itself a director.

Source: Variety



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