MGM rumored to be seeking female director for Tomb Raider reboot

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Last we knew, the TOMB RAIDER movie reboot was getting fast-tracked with some help from Warner Bros. and screenwriter Evan Daugherty (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, DIVERGENT). HH is reporting that Daugherty's script is currently out to filmmakers, and MGM is looking for a female director for the project. The site says they've heard that the studio is seeking "a Michelle MacLaren type" to helm the reboot.

If MGM is searching for a "Michelle MacLaren type" filmmaker, there are a few different options out there, including the former WONDER WOMAN director herself. Although it's been rumored she's being eyed to replace Josh Trank on the second STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY film, MacLaren hasn't officially landed a new directing gig since exiting the DC Comics movie.

While this is only a rumor, MGM probably wants to hire a filmmaker for the reboot sooner than later, so we should expect to hear a director announcement in the coming months, and hopefully the project doesn't run into the same problems as Sony's UNCHARTED movie. Which director do you think would be the best fit for TOMB RAIDER?

Source: HH



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