Michael B. Jordan becomes a reluctant book burner in Fahrenheit 451 trailer

Hot off the heels of starring as the villain Erik Killmonger in Ryan Coogler's BLACK PANTHER, we're being treated to yet another film in which the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS alum, Michael B. Jordan, plays a hot-headed character who's out to change the world in Ramin Bahrani's FARENHEIT 451.

Based off of the iconic Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, Jordan stars as Guy Montag, a young man living in a care-free future whose job as a fireman is to burn all books that are known to exist. Once a steadfast soldier in the war against information, Montag begins questioning his actions after meeting a young girl. From then on, Guy rebels against society, becoming something of a freedom fighter for the gifts of art expression and knowledge.

Starring alongside Jordan in the upcoming dystopian television film written and directed by Ramin Bahrani are Michael Shannon as Captain Beatty and Sophia Boutella as Clarisse.

The film, which has been in development since 2016, was picked up for release sometime in the Spring of 2018.

How would you react to books being burned as a new societal norm? Would you relinquish your books willingly, or create some manner of book-lending speakeasy in an effort to preserve the works of some of history's greatest authors? Let us know in the comments section below.

Extra Tidbit: Boy, this trailer is giving me hardcore EQUALIBIRUM vibes.
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