Michael B. Jordan thinks Killmonger would've had a good shot against Thanos

By the end of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Thanos (Josh Brolin) had not only kicked the crap out of the Avengers, but also effectively wiped out half the team with the snap of his fingers. In the end, he proved an imposing villain who achieved what he set out to do through sheer will, determination, and might. Still, Michael B. Jordan doesn’t think that would scare Erik Killmonger, his villainous character from BLACK PANTHER, and he thinks that should the two ever go head-to-head Killmonger would have a good shot against the Mad Titan.

Jordan was in LA recently supporting the MBJAM charity when he was asked by the A.V. Club about a fight between the two baddies, something that has resulted in much debate on the internet over the past few months. Jordan thinks that given Killmonger’s training and intellect he could manage to get an upper-hand against the purple fiend, at least for a bit.

 I think the one thing about Killmonger is he really plans his attacks, and they’re well thought out. So if he ever stepped in a situation with Thanos, he would feel confident that he had the upper hand—at the very least, he would know he had a shot.

Ultimately, Jordan thinks the fact Killmonger isn’t afraid to die is what makes him a fierce opponent, and what could, in the end, make him formidable against Thanos.

So I mean, we already know that Erik’s willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good, so I don’t think he’s ever fearful of losing his life. So I think if he ever stepped in front of Thanos, he’d already have a plan for taking him down.

Killmonger proved a dangerous foe indeed for T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in PANTHER, making short work of him once the latter’s powers were drained. Still, Thanos made even shorter work of the massive Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), pounding him like he was a giant, green slab of meat that needed tenderizing. With that in mind, Killmonger may be at a slight disadvantage.

Between Thanos and Killmonger we got two of the MCU’s best villains yet, and yes, it would be awesome to see the two go at it. Sure, in order for it to be fair you’d have to give Killmonger some of that special herb and his golden Panther suit and then take away a few Infinity Stones from Thanos, but after that, it could be fun to watch. Really, these are two great characters we have here with great actors behind them, and though the odds of them being in the same room together are slim just watching them interact would be riveting. Oh well, at least we can have lovely Twitter debates over the idea of their fight. Can "lovely" and "Twitter" be used in the same sentence?

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is available on Digital platforms tomorrow!

Source: A.V. Club



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