Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes to take over the Halloween franchise?

Halloween Pumpkin field

Before you get your hopes up that this is late April Fool's Day tomfoolery: don't. This is very much a true story, people. The good folks over at Bloody Disgusting can exclusively and definitely report that Michael Bay's Production House of Supposed Fun, aka Platinum Dunes, is "in talks to take the producing reigns on Dimension Films' forthcoming Halloween sequel."  While there is no confirmation as to what direction the planned (recently in trouble) sequel will go, what has been said for sure is that it will not 1) be in 3D or 2) make use of the "found-footage" style of filmmaking.   I must say that I'm a bit surprised about the "no 3D part" - whether good or not, the "3D" makes a good marketing double entendre with the movie being (at least) a spiritual sequel to HALLOWEEN 2.  It does make one wonder if a reboot is in potentially in store...

Which begs the question: since what Michael Bay wants Michael Bay gets, and therefore this thing is going to happen whether you like it or not, how would you want him to handle the next movie in the HALLOWEEN franchise?

Aww, Michael Myers is all sad now...

Michael Myers is sad

Extra Tidbit: The original HALLOWEEN was shot back in 1978 over a mere 21 days and for a comparatively small budget of $320,000.



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