Michael Bay hints at what to expect in Transformers 4 (and 5)

Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS trilogy has been very divisive amongst fans of the toy and cartoon franchise. After the first film, both sequels paled in terms of writing and quality despite still making tons of money at the box office. We have been reporting for a while now that Bay would be returning for a fourth film and that most of the cast would not be back.

In a recent interview regarding the new Transformers 3D Ride at Universal Studios in California (check out our very own review right here), Bay gave two little tidbits of info on the next chapter in the TRANSFORMERS movie series.

There’s plenty more Transformer action to come with a major new video game release, “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron,” due in August and another Bay movie in the works. (The director, by the way, says that the fourth film will include some redesign of the robots and an entirely new cast. He also said it will be his last and set the franchise up “for the next guy.”)

So, there you have it. Bay will direct TRANSFORMERS 4 and then he will move on to other projects. Does that mean that the next film will be the start of a new trilogy?

I don't think I have really loved a Michael Bay movie since THE ROCK even though BAD BOYS II was a totally masochistic funfest. I am not sad to see him go. In fact, I would rather have TRANSFORMERS 4 helmed by someone else entirely. The news that they are going back to redesign sounds like a coded way of saying they are rebooting the series. Or, it could simply mean we are going to see some of the other Transformers sub-groups (Dinobots, anyone?) that have so far been contained in the toy/cartoon universe.

TRANSFORMERS 4 is tentatively slated to open in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Wouldn't this next movie be TRANSFORMERS 5? Doesn't BATTLESHIP count as the fourth film?
Source: LA Times



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